Pittsburgh RIMS Presentation Slides

Pittsburgh RIMS Presentation Slides

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2022 - November 8th
  Market Update:  Property
Slides: 2022_Nov_8_slides_for_PGH_RIMS_Q3_2022_Property_Market_Update_by_Marsh.pdf
Replay Link:   TBD

2022 - October 10th
  Market Update:  Financial and Executive Lines (Crime, Fiduciary, D&O, EPL)
Slides: 2022_Oct_Pgh_RIMS_Presentation_Slides_FINEX_Market_Update_by_Willis.pdf
Replay Link:  Click here

2022 - September 13th
Title: Navigating the Current Cyber Insurance Market presented by David Hallstrom of USI
Slides:  2022_Sept_13_RIMS_PGH_Presentation_Cyber_Market_Update_by_David_Hallstrom_with_USI.pdf
Replay Link:  Click here

2.11.20 RIMS Presentation - Delivering ERM That Leaders Really Want - Justin Schell of Highmark

2.11.20 RIMS Presentation - Below Projection Example

2.11.20 RIMS Presentation - Below Projection Multi-experiment

2.12.19 RIMS Presentation - Insurance Coverage and the #MeToo Movement by Jim Buldas of Williams Coulson & Shelly Pagac of Pietragallo